Life's Little Luxuries

Life's Little Luxuries

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Second semester

Alrighty, I know I have updated in a while but pitt's nuts at keeping me busy!

First semester at a new school university- great! I've been dancing and studying hard and also made a really good friend!
Winter break- who knew being home for two weeks would make me gain over 5 lbs?! But I was thankful for all of my gifts and time spent with family :)
Second semester- well classes started about two weeks ago and they just jumped into work! Geesh. But I've been living the fun part of college life on the weekends so I'm not complaining! If you don't know, but the Steelers won against the Ravens yesterday! It was a playoff game and lemme tell you, it was wildly entertaining. Although I'm not nearly as enthusiastic about football as compared to baseball. Can't wait for baseball season to start! Phils all the way!

Currently, my boyfriend and I are driving an extremely dangerous car that my parents thought was ok to give me at school, but really, it is unreliable and has many problems. Why we are driving now? We are on the turnpike driving back to my house to retrieve my car, which is very reliable but also a very nice car. I say this because I park my car on the street while at school because my apt has no private parking. And college kids, especially on weekends aren't very awesome drivers!

So in the news: movements of the planets changing Zodiac signs. Huh. Senator Giffords is breathing on her own. And this world is getting whackier.

I'll be trying to leave intelligent posts at least every other week. So sorry for the absence! If I had more followers, I believ I'd be more intent on updating, but I really appreciate my current follower's!