Life's Little Luxuries

Life's Little Luxuries

Monday, February 18, 2013

Happy Monday!

Had enough time to stop by my favorite Starbucks and write a post - the usual. As I sit by the fireplace where it's incredibly warm & lifts the mood of the place, I can't stop looking at the cute old man sitting across of me. He's got a mini-planner and pen in hand as his hands tremor to hold it. Grabbing his coffee, it looked like it was about to spill out. Kudos to the old man still reading his little planner, hands shaking, and without glasses! Old people can be cute...

Well, it's Monday so I am very glad to be able to indulge in a little coffee as I reside by the fireplace before I tackle the longest of my two days ahead of me.

Remember, indulge a little, take in the sunshine, and don't stress. Not only will you be happy, you'll pass your serenity on to others.

Happy Monday!
Peace, love, & happiness.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Life is too short

Hey, just remember that life is too short to always be angry, be bitchy, be egotistical, to be anything but kind.

Just when you aren't prepared for it, someone will put you in your place and you won't like it.

God will take a loved one, and you won't be expecting it.

You'll feel sorry and regretful. Just avoid that and call, write, send a text to those that matter and those that you love. Most importantly, tell your parents or whoever raised you that you love them and truly appreciate all that they've done for you - because they're the ones that dealt with your shit for 18 years [at least] and still haven't beaten the shit out of you (even if you truly deserved it).

Peace, Love, and Happiness

Monday, February 4, 2013

Who would've guessed...

This post is about running.

You will not believe that since the time I had to take the mile run test in middle school, it was a fear of mine. I hated running with a passion. I couldn't do it. My body wasn't trained for it, or able to do it in the "acceptable Grade A" time for a girl of my age. Let me say this, that standard is stupid. I tried my best and ran like a 300 pound kid, I would be gasping for air, ready to murder my gym teacher. I seriously couldn't. But I could dance for hours. I was trained as a sprinter, and being 4'11" playing tennis, really made that clear. I hated being judged and graded for something my body was not meant to accomplish at the time.

Now, a senior in college, I am able to run/jog/walk 3 miles up hills, across bridges, through the forest, in the snow, with the wind against me. I trained on the treadmill for 3 full weeks (every day) before accomplishing the feat of getting my ass outdoors. Outdoors is where I begin to get nervous. My feet sweat, I can't breathe as well. It was a problem. I started with about 1.75 miles around my neighborhood, until my good friend (runner friend!) took me through a path of hers, with which I had falled in love for a total of 3 miles.

My goal now is to run a 5K in Pittsburgh by the time I graduate. The Pittsburgh Pirates have one on April 13, which I am planning on participating in! I literally would've never guessed back in high school I would be running in any sort of event. It may be 3.2 miles, and I am sure I can accomplish that, my goals until that are to just be able to jog it the entire time without stopping. That has proven to be the hardest for me. I love interval training, so I am very much used to walk/runs/sprints. But, if I got this far after completing my fourth week, I trust myself to be able to reach my goal by graduation.

Added to Senior Year Bucket List: Run a 5K. Signed up & ready to go.