Life's Little Luxuries

Life's Little Luxuries

Friday, May 20, 2016

{Beauty Review} Diptyque Satin Oil

Diptyque Satin Oil

I'm a sucker for new beauty products, particularly when they're obscure and it's tough to find a review online - which led me to this post.

Review of the Diptyque Satin Oil for body and hair

Let's start with scent, the absolute first touch point of a product's likeableness: win 
It smells a bit musky for floral tones, gender neutral, moroccan oil-esque, ending with an after-smell of those florals that Diptyque is ever so famous for in their candles. It smells strong at first, but fades into a beautiful light scent as you walk around - it works by wafting, and does not exude scent.

Now, the next most important part, the usefulness of what it claims to accomplish: win
It truly leaves your skin silky soft. I've also used it on the tips of damp hair overnight, and found them so be less tangled and more fluffy. Not greasy at all! I'm not worried to lay on my sheets in fear of grease stains, as it does a quick job of getting absorbed if rubbed well into your skin.

Bonus: Use it in the AM before spending your day outdoors to get a delicious shine on your skin and to get a yummy base tan. It won't let your skin greasy/sticky/oily as long as you rub it in and let it soak for a few minutes. Use it overnight on hair tips to really let it soak in and ready to style in the AM.

Con: A teeny, tiny bottle of this one-a-kind exotic-scented satin oil will cost you $30+ for 1.7oz. Just as painful as their French elite candle prices - but you pay for quality in this life.

Go ahead, treat yourself.