Life's Little Luxuries

Life's Little Luxuries

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Work hard, play harder

As I begin this journey into the post-grad life, I realize more and more how thankful I am to have a full-time job where I make just enough to pay my own bills and still keep some dough on the side for my entertainment, particularly for weekend brunch & shopping. Yes, I am working those 40 hours a week plus I have two part time gigs on weekends, but that only reinforces the fact that when I can work this hard, I can play harder when I decide it's time to let loose. I've still got a phenomenal work-life balance & still have this fantastic feeling inside of me. I'm excited to go to work because it means I worked hard to get to this next level in life. 
A lot of people want it easy, but that's no fun. When I dropped $100 on a pair of jeans 2 weeks ago, did I feel guilty? Not at all. I felt proud because it was all my money. Not from Ma & Dad and out of their weekly budget for me. Have I worn those jeans yet? Not even close. Still folded in the pretty little bag they were wrapped in. 

Happy Thursday!!