Life's Little Luxuries

Life's Little Luxuries

Friday, July 30, 2010

More revelations of a college student

I have begun to do my last minute things college things once again- Once again, because I have been relaxing a lot this week and doing what I want, not what I must.
1. Selling my old college texts on Amazon. If you are interested, I have some interesting reads on there: check out "Elisha the College Student" ;)
2. I have packed two large bins of clothes...I have maybe reached a quarter of my wardrobe. I'm rather sure I have to leave a quarter of my clothes home :(
3. I am already looking for cheap textbooks for this coming semester. For those doing so in the near future, here is my best advice: It sucks piling those books up and not knowing what to do with them, so might as well rent them!
4. Speaking of chegg- I have to return my summer course book. The loveliest part? Free shipping!
In other business, check out this nail polish!

It is called Steel Grey 270 by Rimmel London: Lasting Finish Pro. It says up to ten days, but truthfully try two weeks! I've used it on my toes and its wonderful! NO chipping. ahhh, the relief of finding worthy nail polish.

I can't wait to write more soon. I've missed this. I really should call this blog, "Random-mania." I could write about absolutely anything! Maybe I will ;)


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

So much to do in so little time!

So it's the middle of July, the middle of summer, but for me, it's coming to a rapid end- in 3-4 weeks I'm moving into my new apartment that my parents so graciously rented for me for the year to live with my boyfriend. I transferred from a tiny college in the suburbs of Philly to Pitt. I've always wanted to attend a big school, so finally I'm getting my opportunity and even better, I'm attending Pitt's College of Business and living with my boyfriend who also attends Pitt. Additionally, I'm taking an online summer course at my community college, that's finishing up on August 2, but that date can't come any quicker -_-
I've only gotten to packing kitchen necessities and buying themed bathroom set because my boyfriend has a thing for themed bathrooms. Hey, as long as I can have a say in the bedroom and living room. We went to New York City not long ago for our annual summer vaca visit and we bought a bunch of beautiful pictures of scenes from NYC. I can't wait to hang them up!
After moving in, I've gotta look forward to potentially finding a little local job to satisfy my need to always being productive outside of academics. My real job searching comes in spring semester when I look for summer internships! Eek! Thereafter, I've got classes! I'm super nervous, it's like the first day of high school! (my school district had two jr highs and my high school had twice the amount of students compared to my first college) -new people -new professors -bigger classes -bigger reputations -and an even bigger campus! At least I'll be closest with the rest of the business students since moat of my requirements are fulfilled I can take and concentrate on my major and see the other kids in my major most often. I'm also nervous about making friends :( I lost some to colleges far away after high school, then to me moving across the state, and I keep in touch with the best of friends, but I still need a local few at school. I'm almost 20, and I feel like a 12 year old moving up to middle school.
I still have a bunch of personal goals to fulfill before I leave home again for school. Go to the gym enough to lose the extra weight from freshman year, organize my basement, read a few more books, and such. Ahhh, summertime.
How's your summer turning out?
- E

Friday, July 16, 2010

Realizations of a business undergrad

I realized last night how much I don't care about politics or the economy. I absolutely have no interest in that stuff. Even financial aspects of the ecomomy seem pretty lame to me. Haha, that's not good if I'm interested in the business world, huh?
I'm still stuck on being creative. I want to open up my own business and care about that. Or market companies. They are such creative careers with the least amount of care taken towards the political aspects.
I don't regret not continuing dance. It's just that I know it caters to my creative need. That's all.


So now that I have taken an inspiration into action, I am really relieved. I am sure this will find a direction soon enough, but I won't definitely know until I start writing more. I have to thank Casey Loza (filthy ego) and her Twittering for me getting into writing, and I hope I get a few followers along the way who thoroughly enjoy my thoughts as much as I enjoy hers.
--I have to write a three-page macroeconomics paper on the economy of the USA...of all the countries I could have been given by my professor, it was the US. Pros: a lot of info. Cons: I can't BS. The point is, I will enjoy writing on here. I never used to to like writing, until I realized it wasn't writing in general. It was writing something I was forced to write, and not to write from the natural flow of my fingers.
--For my blogs path, I am thinking: a little bit of fashion, a dash of politics (pertaining to economics), and most likely *life as a college student!*
I hope you enjoy this as much as I will.
PS the title is for the throwback essence of blogger, anyone remember xanga? Subconsciously I remembered my username and password and reading my old entries from over 6 years ago is crazy!