Life's Little Luxuries

Life's Little Luxuries

Friday, July 30, 2010

More revelations of a college student

I have begun to do my last minute things college things once again- Once again, because I have been relaxing a lot this week and doing what I want, not what I must.
1. Selling my old college texts on Amazon. If you are interested, I have some interesting reads on there: check out "Elisha the College Student" ;)
2. I have packed two large bins of clothes...I have maybe reached a quarter of my wardrobe. I'm rather sure I have to leave a quarter of my clothes home :(
3. I am already looking for cheap textbooks for this coming semester. For those doing so in the near future, here is my best advice: It sucks piling those books up and not knowing what to do with them, so might as well rent them!
4. Speaking of chegg- I have to return my summer course book. The loveliest part? Free shipping!
In other business, check out this nail polish!

It is called Steel Grey 270 by Rimmel London: Lasting Finish Pro. It says up to ten days, but truthfully try two weeks! I've used it on my toes and its wonderful! NO chipping. ahhh, the relief of finding worthy nail polish.

I can't wait to write more soon. I've missed this. I really should call this blog, "Random-mania." I could write about absolutely anything! Maybe I will ;)



  1. Ahh I have to sell some books on ebay too but keep putting it off, seems so difficult and hassle-y haha! Lovely nail polish! xxxx

  2. Good luck with selling. SInce lowering my prices I've successfully sold two already on amazon! It's not difficult but definitely hassle-y! And thank you :)