Life's Little Luxuries

Life's Little Luxuries

Saturday, May 21, 2011

La Primera Semana (Week 1)

I have yet to figure out how I want to organize this but here's one way that I am going to do it.

Sunday: Arrived in Madrid's airport. Coincidentally, behind my friend Kara and I, two other students from the trip booked seats right behind us. Had a long day because we all stayed up until midnight because we were told that was quickest to get over Jet Lag. Once unpacked at our fabulous little 6 person apartment, we went a little adventure in our area - Argüelles. Later that evening, "Pitt" treated us to a dinner in Sol, where the huge demonstration is taking place. In general, it was a great first day.

Monday: Had day 1 of Spanish class at the language school and also learned how to use the metro flawlessly :) A few of my flatmates and I found our "hometown bar" around the corner, and the bartender was really such a sweetheart. In Spain, breakfast is served in bars, and restaurants open for lunch and maybe for dinner. Lunch is the biggest meal of the day, rather interesting. Got a tour of a park.

Tuesday: Had day 2 of Spanish class. I am learning a lot there, very good review. I am learning a lot of common sense and helpful everyday phrases & expressions and even the best places for us kids to party and eat! Missed the afternoon lecture because I was tired and napped in the huge park that I live by : el Parque del Oeste.

Wednesday: Had day 3 of Spanish classes. Had to attend afternoon trip to el Palacio real, it was really nice. In the evening Jordan, Sammy, and I went to the Orange Cafe. Wednesdays are their awesome nights. 5 euro for open bar for an hour. After that, there was some dancing, but apparently the Americans really know how to dance and everyone else thinks we are weird kids.

Thursday: Had day 4 of Spanish classes. Attend a lecture about flamenco music and dancing. It is really boring to be honest. After that we all napped (my flat naps at the same time everyday haha). Then we headed over to the 8 person flat across the city and had a "family dinner," then we all went to an Irish pub in Sol, and it was nuts to get through the crowd, we needed a few detours. After that, some club promoter from Cali got us in for free into a club in Sol called Joy. It was a really fun night. Definitely a great bonding experience with the group! Had to take a cab home because metros stopped running at 1:30, so glad I am confident in my Spanish and where I live.

Friday: Attended class half dead, then I got a lot of energy somehow as we took a walk through Gran Vía and Sol for our afternoon trip. We all stayed in because we were exhausted! (Night 1 or 2 for me of staying in.)

Saturday: So we were supposed to meet by 12 at the Chamartín metro station where, inside, there is a train station. We first ended up in Pinar de Chamartín and missed the train. So we were told the next one to Segovia was at 1:15, so we went to get tickets and the next one was leavign at 2:20 and it was only 12:15 so we 5 flatmates decided to enjoy our day in Madrid. "Sorry aquaducts, I really didn't want to see you anyway." So later tonight more bonding time! :)

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