Life's Little Luxuries

Life's Little Luxuries

Friday, May 4, 2012

El viaje por Peru

I write this on my Kindle Fire as I have become to realize being on a laptop needs to be cut back, as well as for the iphone. Anyway, I write this on meine Omi's California king size bed after a siesta followed by a million attempts to guess and then retrieve my password for this account. Yesterday, I flew to Lima, Peru with my parents to visit my grandma and uncle, in addition to a little R&R. Funfact 1: the last time I was here was in 2004 and I was a fat bitch about it. Fact 2: the last time I traveled with a parent was in 2004. With both parents? 2001. Fact 3: I almost prefer flying alone. Our trip began at 10 AM leaving for the Phila airport. We arrived in ATL by 3:30, and were on our way to South America by 5:30. Arrival at grandma's was 12:30. Between leaving the airport and getting to grandma's the driver took us through a scenic route that is parallel to the Pacific Ocean, you know, just like in Cali. What a trip. As we know, my dad and I love to drink and on the international flight we got free drinks. Dream come true. Let me tell you, mom bought at dutyfree an abundance of alcohol and we were beyond tempted to start the party early. As we were arriving to Lima airport, one of the airplane flaps wasn't opening and we were just circling the Pacific until it fixed itself. Mom was losing it. She can make an entire room freak out over nothing at all. Anywho, it was pleasant the my tired and not feeling so well grannie woke up (dressed to the tee) and had the table ready for a little midnight grubbin'. She's the cutest. Haven't seen her in over 4 years! Well today we did a little car tour, ran errands, and ended with a siesta. Of course I'm up and everyone is napping/doing their own thing. Wish the little bro could have came to explore with me. Oh well. Ill have few pictures from today to post later, I hope I can get an update on my surfing lessons! E - lil miss world traveler

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