Life's Little Luxuries

Life's Little Luxuries

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Retrying Old Projects

So I started knitting again....

Wow, what a sad, sad way to begin any post. But it's entirely way too true. I've got proof. The whole point is how I felt - it's accomplishing! And oddly, relaxing.

Hand-knitted headbands and a monogrammed embroidered one
There will be a personal realization at the end of this - I promise.

After being sick for a few days already, all I wanted to do after work on a -11 degree day was get into PJ's and watch Despicable Me 2 in bed. I did that AND managed to be productive, depending on what one considers productive. I knitted two headbands. My first one had turned out a little weird as I experimented with different kitting techniques, and most likely will be redoing it, but no matter because I found it relaxing. It was the most productive, yet unproductive feeling ever. I am obsessed with monograms, so for the second, much better knitted headband, I wanted to monogram with my boyfriend's first initial. Neither he nor I really liked it, so I will be taking that out and redoing that, as well ...another shot at my productive/unproductive feeling.

After finishing the two headbands during the 1.5 hour movie in bed, I couldn't help but feel accomplished and take photos to share with everyone on social media "like how awesome at knitting" I was for a 23-year old. Omygosh, I see my downward spiral into the comfortable homebody that I never was or wanted to be...

"Look at me! I knit in bed on Tuesday nights!"
I learned how to knit when I was 14 from my grandmother (who makes the bombest sweaters btw) and made a scarf for an ex when I was 19. I had left my knitting supplies at home, and over this Christmas season at my parents' home, I found them and decided to bring the supplies back to Pitt with me. It's incredible how quickly I remember to cast on, purl, and cast off. It must've been already ingrained in my fingers and that subconscious memory is a pretty cool feeling - like when you remember the lyrics to some random contemporary song from the mid-90's. 

I'm just happy that I've completed a project, in all honesty. If I can be 23 and make awesome accessories with my old-new-found skill, then I've just got one more thing under my belt and can move on to another project in consistently updating this or this blog.

I hope you all just try out that new hobby you've been meaning to pick up. Complete a project with it, and go from there to see whether or not you actually found it to be a good addition to your life.

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