Life's Little Luxuries

Life's Little Luxuries

Friday, June 10, 2011

Feeling the Routine

So today marks the end of the second week of my internship. I feel the routine already: get up around 9:15, get out the door around 10, maybe bring a snack for work, leave work around 2 for lunch usually at the apaprtment (because I am trying to save money), nap, get my tan on and read at the park, then feed myself again and usually hang in the apartment or go out for the night. It is totally an odd schedule, but I honestly don't mind it. Just wish there was pool or beach nearby...
So as much as I don't mind hanging out by myself, this whole missing IU student, Lauren Spierer is really freaking me out. I am really saddened that it has been one week since she's been missing and that there haven't been any major tips. Her physical stature is the same as me, and it's definitely scary. I know I am far away from Bloomington, but I wish I was there to help because this is really crazy to comprehend. This also puts things in perspective for me, when I walk home from the library really late when I'm at Pitt, or from a late class, I should probably be carrying around something in case something does happen. I am always vigilant, but there are a lot of wackos out there, even in college towns.
I feel incredibly safe in Madrid, and I don't read about missing people very often in the papers, to be honest, I have yet to come across a murder or missing persons article in the paper or online. Of course, I will be careful.

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  1. ah that routine you have yourself getting into doesn't sound too incredible difficult to get used to ;) nap, tanning, reading at the park! i want THAT!! and isn't that so scary?! gosh there are some crazy people in this world. so sad.