Life's Little Luxuries

Life's Little Luxuries

Monday, June 6, 2011

Weekend! June 3-5

Worked, the usual. Here is where you can read all about my internship specifically.

First thing I did that night was go have a drink with my friend I made at the language school because she as leaving for Barcelona then back to Switzerland :( Her name is Sarah and she is very cool! After saying goodbye and having her first milk chocolate montadito, we took one last picture together and then I headed out toward Nuevos Ministerios. I was going to one of my flatmate's bosses' shows our at a club in Madrid called Tartufo. It was really awesome, because a) got in for free b) most of the Pitt kids went c) Pretty nice club. Snazzy, and not cheap looking. d)RAVE music! [I have been getting a little sick of regualr club music where all the creepy guys try and grind with ya, ew. Anyway, stayed up till about 5:30 am (includes a shower and packing), reason I mention that is because

...I went to Toledo for the weekend and I took the expensive middle of the day AVE train. It was an awesome weekend. I got to hand out with my aunt's best friend and her family. She is the sweetest woman ever. Her husband is awesome, too; he kept offering me food, drink, and tv. She also has two sons, one a year older than me and one about my brother's age. I haven't seen them since I was like about 9 or 10 years old! Basically, it was a great "home-feel" and I definitely will be visiting again for that homey feel :) Ended up taking the last train back to Madrid on Sunday only because all of my electronics died and I didn't bring my chargers. Here are some pictures of my weekend!

Nighttime walk through Toledo.

Toledo at Twilight.

Sarah and Me after 100 Montaditos.

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