Life's Little Luxuries

Life's Little Luxuries

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Mid-week Report

Monday- First day of my internship. It was more like an orientation kind of day. I stayed for about two hours. To know more about what goes on specifically to the internship, check my Marketing Internship blog! So that day was just a weird day.

Tuesday- Regular work day. 10ish - 2ish. My coworkers are awesome, and the bosses mostly work from home and stop once in a while. There wasn´t really anythign specific for me to do so I asked a ton of questions about how they market themselves, what sources do they use, where they are (like what sites such a as facebook, google, their own websites, etc.), and sort of started brainstorming about what kind of project I can do to help them better get their name out. I was able to be admin of their facebook page which is cool small step into something that I could work with. Basically, it was just a day of reseaching and brainstorming at work.
In the evening, Mike, the faculty trip advisor for the past 2 weeks, stopped by the apartment to say goodbye to us because he was leaving the next morning for the US. Jenna, the lady who found all of our internships will be replacing him in approximately 8 days. We have had a lot of great trips with Mike and he was definitely an awesome advisor to have for this trip. He knew nothing of Spanish and accepted it. At least he tried to learn the basics!

Wednesday- Researched my own trips for a bit while at work, but then really got down to business as to what I can do. One of the ladies gave me a ton of suggestions and I will writing more about them in my Marketing blog. You can see this isn´t like the internships the other students have: they are given all fo these projects to do and are very busy but definitely love what they are doing to help their companies (most are marketing related). Originally, I felt bad about my job, but it had been only 3 days and I know there was some work coming my way, but I wasn´t sre what it really entailed. As Mike said to me the day he stopped by, the fact that I am taking initiative to make a project relative ot marketing for this company is definitely a great thing. I am trying to get something out of this and not just sitting around accepting what I am given (or lack thereof).
So Wednesday nights, my company hosts "Fiesta de Cambio" at a bar/small club in Sol. It is marketed towards past participants of their many trips, so they can gather again and hang out and even bring in new customers who see 'Forocio' written on their nametags, the 'Forocio girls' one of which I open in the mornings, and people liek me talking abotu the fantastic trips we have! (I felt like I was soliciting at a nightclub/one of those club promoters to bring in people in the first place.) Once again, I will explain more in detail about the 'Fiesta'. In all, it was very fun and engaging. Open bar 10:30-12:30, girls free, guys 5€ who can resist that?!
-Oh last thing, as I was walking through Puerta de Sol to get to the club around 10:30, I heard someone say my name who I passed on the sidewalk and it was 3 people I knew back from Pitt! Mike, Lucy, and Ashley. We a got a picture together, but really we could have been anywhere in the world, but it was still a very cool moment! They were on their last night from their multi-week European trek and they ended back in Madrid. I am sure they enjoyed their adventures!
-So Vy and I caught the last metro back to the apartment and as we got the apartment door, we coudln't open it. Someone had locked the top lock, which I had no idea there was key for it and how to even do that with two keys in the door at the same time. whatever. So to no avail after some knocks and calls to our flatmates, we heard the neighbors chatting (they speak english) and we asked if we could go through their backdoor do we could knock on the bedroom windows of our apartment. The neighbors were totally schwasted and Christina gave us a mic and headset for skyping, and some other random stuff because she was packing to leave the next day. So weird. Anyway, Sam basically died in her sleep that night and wouldn't wake up, so I flashed my handy dandy 19€ cellphone built-in flashlight and knocked on the guys' windows. They really did not want to get up and let us in, but trust me, it was not like I really wanted to fall into the apartment through a window. Yea, fall. The chair was further away frmo under the window where it usually is and I fell and have quite the bruising and scratch from it. So I pushed it closer for Vy. Ouch.
Thursday- At work, did some stuff for them such as research schools in Barcelona, mostly English speaking, so I could send them emails about our trips to Pamplona, which is coming up. I am a little upset in the stomach/spinning head from the open bar...and so bought a Napolitana de Chocolate from La Mallorquina (one of the oldest and best bakeries in Spain! and it's next door).
So for the remaining hour-ish of work I hope to work on their facebook for a little bit. Maybe later, once I get back and relax for a bit at the apartment, I will try and be way more productive with the project brainstorming. P.S. I sent my aunt an email with a brief description of my dilema and she gave me a lot of great ways/questions to answer in order to start creating a marketing project. She's awesome and a genius when it come to business, especially in marketing!

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