Life's Little Luxuries

Life's Little Luxuries

Thursday, November 8, 2012


How do you feel about celebrating "the season" right after Halloween? I know the majority of people will cringe in horror and say "what about Thanksgiving?" I know, because I used to be that way! But here are my thoughts on listening to your favorite holiday tunes days, breaking out the Christmas Starbucks cup & thinking about decor following the end of October:
•Situation - it's very soon after midterms and most likely you wish to be brain dead but instead Mr. Brain needs a break. Enjoy and relax to the sounds of the most exciting time of year.
•Feelings - in the past celebration meant being with that significant other. Now it's about learning how to celebrate accordingly - alone. Not letting those adorable holiday activities from the past get to you, so you gotta start learning how to enjoy them alone.
And lastly,
•Happiness: if Christmas time makes you happy, gosh, celebrate all year if you'd like! It makes me happy, so why not happify myself now?
People say I'll get sick of all this holiday stuff by the 25 of December. I promise you, I won't. It never will.

Think about it.

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  1. didnt know you had a blogg, i got one too. on wordpress but my response to this is that thanksgiving & christmas go hand in hand. It sets the cheerful spirit in the realm your at. So it shouldnt matter if hallooween just passed, seasons come and go & change is the essence of time.
    1. Thanksgiving is well, obviously about being thankful for ALL that you do have and to think of those less fortunate and be grateful even though you may not have everything you desire at this point in your life.
    2. Christmas is about loving one another, and alot of giving takes place! Its a time of year to celebrate with family friends and to leave all worries and turmoil aside and enjoy the season/holiday! Alone or not its a very special time of year because people tend to be more meek and caring towards others & even though a lot have lost their spirit, many still remain!
    so all in all its your perspective on it, & what you do with the short time you have between the end of october and the end of december.