Life's Little Luxuries

Life's Little Luxuries

Monday, November 12, 2012

Monday Remedy: Starbucks

Once again, hitting up Starbucks to get the season's best flavor: caramel brûlée. It's the exclusivity of it that allows me to indulge. Also the marketing, let's be real- it's hard to turn down that adorable picture of it with the sprinkles and whipped cream (even though I get it skinny). To indulge in a variation of it such as a misto, makes a Monday more bearable. When I get that feeling of being a little bluesy, I make it a point to get my drink, plop on a couch & take a few moments to myself.
Have any Monday remedies? I hope this name drop doesn't make you want to head over to your nearest Sbux, because that happens to me all the time. Zero self control.


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