Life's Little Luxuries

Life's Little Luxuries

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Rules that I've grown to live by

I'm sorry for the gap in posts -- finals week. But I do have a post in the works that is quite lengthy and thought out that I haven't finished writing quite yet. As I sit at home, post-finals and after a week of excitement along with finals, I can't help but blog about what I've recently been tweeting.
These are the rules that I've learned to live by. They're in somewhat in an order of importance, but also chronologically when they come into my life. As of now, there are 4...but it goes up to 5.5. The reason for that is I know there will be a rule better than 4 but not as good as 2, it just hasn't come to me in the form of words yet. So here they are:

Rule #1. Never get sloppy. ☝
Rule #2. Keep it classy. 💄
Rule #3. [Pending]
Rule #4. Trust few. 🙅
Rule #5. Being low maintenance doesn't mean you don't care. 😷
Rule #5.5. Being a carefree lover doesn't mean you don't have emotions. They're hidden for a reason. 💔

Take them as they are.

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