Life's Little Luxuries

Life's Little Luxuries

Monday, August 9, 2010

In your opinion...

Hello Monday Bloggers!
Today I am very curious about everything. So I have put up a few "in your opinion" statements and feel free to answer as many or as little you want. The more participation, the better! Hope you will join <3

• in your opinion, Evian's face spray for that 'dewey' look; what do you think of it?
• in your opinion, collegiates walking around campus in heels.
• in your opinion, paying $30 for a lipstick that is similar to the one you want.
• in your opinion, new Degrassi episodes.
• in your opinion, Jack Wills clothing line.
• in your opinion, the latest Teen Vogue magazine (Sept).
• in your opinion, what's the best make-up line out there and why.
• in your opinion, what clothing line is the best out there and why.

Wishing for your opinions and thoughts! I love reading opinions and formulating my own knowing what others think as well. :) Hope your weekend was wonderful -e


  1. I noticed your blog got a makeover! super cute! I am always tweaking bits here and there 'til I find what I like best.

    -Evian spray: I haven't ever gotten it, I always feel too bad pay $6 for water. what do YOU think?
    -collegiates in heels? NO unless its for a sorority function or an interview, class is the time to be cute casual comfortable.
    -$30 for lipstick? I would if it my perfect color.
    (skipped a few I dont know about)
    -best makeup line? too hard! I love nars, chanel, ysl, mac
    -clothing line? I couldn't pick just one. I like to mix cheaper stuff with a some higher quality mixed in (i.e. citizens jeans with a top and jewelery from forever 21) love to shop at forver 21, kaitlyn (in CA), bloomingdales, nordstrom

  2. @ShaGlam: Thanks for your input!
    Evian: I think I'll just put some water in a spray bottle and spray my face haha
    Collegiate in heels: wedges are what I wear for cute and comfy (I'm under 5 feet!)
    and I understand about not picking a favorite clothing line or makeup line..I don't understand how one can devote their money and creativity to one line :)

    <3 E