Life's Little Luxuries

Life's Little Luxuries

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Moving In and Loving Life

Hey bloggers and readers,

It has been a while since my last update, but I have been rather busy. I feel like I am experiencing the start of my new and amazing chapter in my life.
• On Friday, I moved into my new apartment with my boyfriend, Cory, at school, my mom, dad, and brother all came to help and slept over till Saturday. We all met up with Cory's family in their cute little town for lunch, then my parents went on their way back home. Later the night, I went to my first ever Steeler's game! It was preseason, and a terrible thunderstorm delayed it by over an hour, at that time we drove back to the apt to watch a movie.
• Sunday was great! We went grocery shopping and enjoyed each other's company. I established that at least once a week we make dinner together. This week was margharita pizza!

• On Monday, Cory had to go to work. He works for UPMC and after he volumteers/works at a lab; he's pre-med. I also did his laundry at the local laundromat...that was the worst ever. I am really going to do what he does and go home to his mom's on the weekend and do it there because I guarantee her dryer works a million times better! I also went to get my Pitt ID. yayyy!

• Today, Tuesday, I realized how much I love my life right now. I feel a little like a housewife, but Cory doesn't expect any of that from me. I just am a cleaning freak at times, so when I go off on cleaning the kitchen and organizing, that's all me. I wrote up a list of things for Cory to do, too haha. So Cory is at work and I am here writing this blog. I am completely content and overall as happy as a clam. School starts in two weeks! I'm going to try and go apply at AE today, hoping it will raise my prospect of applying for their summer internship for next year.

Please do not hesitate to comment. I miss you guys, I promise I will try and write more thought-provoking posts soon. I am just too happy to not write about what has been going on lately. I am actually not much of a self-talker. <3



  1. Haha to be honest I love feeling like a little housewife :) x

  2. Haha thank you for the honesty! It feels cool for the first few times or once in while, but girl, two weeks later- I despise doing dishes!